Dealing With The Root Cause of Much Alcohol Abuse

Low Self-Esteem, low self-worth, ‘I’m not good enough’,
no-one likes me, I hate myself and so does everyone else etc

These are the thoughts which I believe lead people to drink.
This can all be summed up as: a negative self-image.

Some experts talk about addictive personalities, alcoholism
being a disease, physical addictions to the substance etc.

I am sure all of these are true in certain situations but I
believe that for the majority of people with alcohol issues
a poor and negative self-image is one of the key reasons
why they reach for a drink.

So, we will go through some simple and quick
exercises you can use on a daily basis to deal with the
root cause of many alcohol problems.

Please do not under-estimate how effective these techniques
can be and most of them only need 30 seconds or more so
why not give them a go?

1. Look into the mirror and look into the black of your eyes
and say “I love and accept myself”. Almost certainly you
will say things like ‘ “Rubbish” or have other objections.

See what these are and ask them are they true? Would you
say this to your children or someone you really love? Let
these thoughts go and continue saying “I love and accept

Do this everyday for 30 seconds to 1 minute until you can
say this sentence “I love and accept myself” without any
negative reaction. It just is so

2. Spend 5 minutes each day writing down what you think
about yourself and what you have done that day. Most of
this will be negative.

E.g. “I am such a pathetic loser. I cannot do anything right
I bet I will be found out today”

On the left hand side write these negative thoughts down
and on the right hand side imagine you were advising your
best friend who had these thoughts. How could they be more
positive and realistic?

So for the above example, write the opposite or evidence
which would make your best friend feel better about
themselves. It must be realistic and true otherwise it will
not have an impact

E.g. “Why am I ‘a pathetic loser’? How do you qualify to be
one. Is there a group of such people. I don’t think so. I
might have made mistakes but that is my behaviour not who I
am as a person.

Are you sure I cannot do anything right. I think I have
done well in getting this job, helping my sick mother etc.

Who is going to find me out? Did I really get where I am by
accident? What about all the hours of work I put in.. etc”

This may take a few days but eventually you will start to
feel better

3. A simple one. Being Here Now. Please practice this for
30 seconds when you wake up and are lying in bed. Don’t
think any thoughts. Just focus on your feelings. The weight
of your body on the bed, the sounds you can hear, the things
you can see, the taste in your mouth.

For just 30 seconds, focus on your senses without thinking
about them or trying. Feel, see, hear, touch and taste
whatever you do. Simple exercise. Do this one for 7 days and
notice the difference.

So, these are simple exercises they probably won’t teach
you in many alcohol treatment centres but which over the
course of regular practice will make you feel better and
automatically deal with the underlying cause of alcohol
issues for yourself and many people: a poor self-image